Thursday, October 18, 2012


I often wonder how people perceive me. What a cliche I must seem to be.

I moved my family 1100 miles to be with my friends whom I love as a family. I wasn't satisfied enough being an hour away from my home town.
I was offered art and love with no guarantee for success and I jumped at it. I can't thank them enough.

We all said we would get out of Delta and we did. We ran away like it was on fire.

I am a vegetarian animal loving artist. I'm working on the hippie title but I don't think I'm there yet.
I cook with alfalfa sprouts and organic produce. I draw detailed animal skeletons for fun I love Cephalopods.
I just sent my husband out to a vegan restaurant called 'The loving Hut' for dinner.
I have rainbow hair. I lust over pin up clothing vintage and modern.
I am busy planning to much food for a Halloween party because Its my favorite holiday.

I love my friends more than most people love their families.

I ran away from a complacent life in ohio for a beautiful one in Florida.

I have a beautifully loving supportive family in ohio. Nothing to run from.

Complacency scares me. It's unacceptable. I need more for my loved ones.

How pompous We all must seem because we take risks. We are the characters everyone loves but no one believes exists.

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