Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bitchy bitchy....

I don't feel good. While I know I should go see my healing brother, I dont have the energy.  I will have to survive with my sage, salt and rainwater. The doting husband helps too.
This mood does make me draw awesome things... stay tuned for my current work in progress....


We have five babies in our care. All with very different personalities.

Deimos- Mr. Crabber man, he is young and trying to protect his sister by yelling at me. Yet he will do anything for a treat... sucker.

Chi- It only seemed fitting we names her Chi, which means god in greek, because her brother is the god of terror. :) she is awfully shy though.

Momo- Our sweet inquisitive little male. He has already let us hold him. Thats extraordinary.

The Cinnamon twins- Are shy but love to chase our hands down for a treat. We have yet to name them because they look so similar and hide out when we open the cage. We are thinking Tali for the Littler one.  But its up in the air.

They both look like a deep cinnamon color... only one posed

Its a learning experience creating food to fit their specific diet.  Gliders need a balanced Calcium to phosphorus ratio in every meal, roughly 2:1. Ive got their next few weeks planned out food wise. It is quite a bit different than making homemade dog food, bird pie treats, or ferret treats. It isn't as hard as people lead you to believe. Maybe thats just because i tend to be around the best Kind of freak all the time. The animal freak.  gliders diest do take up some time however. I scrambled eggs and mixed them with honey, yogurt, a calcium supplement, water, and bee pollen. Then i put a series of appropriate fruits and veggies through a food processor in different variations. Suggies get bored with food just like people. I found it fun, and surprisingly Rob did too. We are freaks, what can I say?

There is a definite learning curve that comes along with feeding these guys... Im not gonna lie, but it was so fun watching them eat peas!

 Like every exotic animal following, people highly criticize everything about everything especially when it comes to diet. Im am just trying to keep ratios in balance.

"Its all about weight ratios" but check out what we got with the colony....

Yes that says Gliderade.... More viatmin supplements... I will keep posting on progress.
Nyquill is kicking in.... Bye bye all!

Sugar Mama...

First of all Id like to explain my last post.... I have had a fever for the last few days and my brain was on fire. It was a jumbled bit of nonsense that helped some crazy escape from my brain.

Next order of business....
I am officially a sugar mama, in the pet sense. I have a breeding colony of gliders!

I was originally supposed to get two gliders but that fell through. Everything happens for a reason. An add popped up about an hour after my gliders fell through for a cinnamon and lue het colony. Which tend to be my favorite gliders. 3 little girls and 2 little boys all between 6-8months.

Bonding should take some time. I have one crabby man, we have already named him Deimos. Deimos being greek for terror we found it quite fitting.

I will take pictures soon as I can! I didnt wanna freak them out even more so than I already have.

Ive been awake nearly all night, mostly because I cant breathe.My throat is on fire. I got this wonderful gift  of sickness from my cousin and brother. Merry Christmas. But still it has enabled me to sit and watch my little monkeys jump around happily in their cages, which is an acceptable  compromise.
I need four more names....
We have comprised a mental list of names that probably wont have anything to do with the naming process.

Rocko, spunky, Lobo, Momo, Appa, Chi, Aros, Captain stinky pants,  Atlas, Bali, echo, Tali, and a bunch more....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Febreze for the soul....

Shh, you cant see me. Like hippo in the grass I see a boy in piss stained pants. Unrivaled like a marmoset in estrus, a might tinier than thine own personal pet, the rival peels. It peels as if a pear on the changing table fell and circled thrice around mine feet. Adore my self in the the beauty. Bow at mine feet. Forgive me for running away with my mind.

Yes, Ma'am!

 A fever induced coma turns the table round. Round faster and faster the table turns. The table turns round. Get it? The table is turning. The center piece turns on the table. It stares at you with not an eye. It makes me uncomfortable.

A cleansing rain comes down like febreze for the soul. A mist that takes away the odoriferous mockery of a soul but not the stain of what could have been. What could have been?
 Lies! Lies!
Me thinks the camel toed sloth belly doth protest to little. Spill your vagrant sins like a up turned vase. Protest!

 After All love is like a psychotropic drug.

Nonsense. This is all a fever induced set of nonsensical ramblings...

Love my new knitting books!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sugar glider toys....

Ive been a busy busy girl. Aside from making a giant cage with the hubs I decided I was going to make everything by hand. Ive made climbing ropes, pouches, hide-a-ways, foraging toys, and fun stuff to tear apart.

Fleece is incredibly easy to work with. Not to mention that most of it is re-purposed from projects my mom and I have worked on. Scraps.
 I could sew professionally with about a weeks worth of coaching from my mother.
I'm only mildly conceited and very tired.


These are, however, my first glider toys and I haven't sewn in a while so be gentle. Ive been knitting which is an entirely different 
mindset to me.  

Fleece lined pouch. I have it connected to the cage in an stretching manner which makes it look odd.

My mom always has the best scraps.

I wish you could feel it, It is so super soft.

This is a fleece tube and.... well honestly I don't know what to call the green thing.

 It is an incredibly simple piece to make.Just notched fabric sewn together in such a manner that make it fall like leaves comprises this fun looking vine.

This is  all at the very top of the cage.

Corner Hammock.

Foraging toy. I got to break out the drill for this one. The blue pieces shift in order to create a small challenge for nabbing treats.

The deep well of the blue pieces also wont let any mealies escape.
No icky beetles.

An odd view of my three favortie pieces.

An extra large corner hammock with purple cheetah trim sits on the lowest point.

A swinging bridge that can either be comfy and cozy or an elastic jungle gym.

In the foreground in 1/3 of a climbing rope strung from wall to wall of the cage.

I Loved making this bridge. It is anchored on elastic bands for a swinging good time. The fleece is super soft and fun funky colors.

Cutie Carousel.

I had these random round pieces of fabric from god knows what that I couldn't quite figure out how to re-purpose. So of course my mind went to a carousel.... wouldn't yours?

It is rather crude but it makes up for the lacking with purpose, It has two mini pouches perfect for hide and seek.

The pictures aren't great, but I have been working on these and more most of the day. Setting up the cage is getting me excited. Where I once held patience is now being slowly overturned with a childlike giddy-ness and impatience.
Little Angry gliders here I come....

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I love babies. Specifically speaking, I love baby animals. The only people I've known not to like baby animals tend to be serial killers, psychopaths, sickos etc. Adjust your cover-ups accordingly....

It is true that we are genetically predisposed to give into a hypnotic awe when we see babies. Babies are formed cute mostly for survival. It is in our genetic code to be largely disproportionate when we are young. It allows other animals to recognize youth. Not to mention the unstoppable release of serotonin in females when we happen to be around children, babies,  and small animals prods us to be maternal and to somehow chemically and emotionally bond with our children or what our brain may subconsciously view as our children. Evolution is amazing.

Genetics aside, I've always had a bleeding heart for animals. When I was young I had my fair share of hamsters. Most of which were named Houdini for their ability to disappear and show up a few days later, probably out of hunger and confusion. My bedroom was a prepubescent jungle. The fallacy of using 10 gallon aquariums for hamster release rather than captivity never seemed to bring down my spirits. I don't know that I really got a chance to connect with the vicious things. I suppose it didn't help that the owner of a local pet shop was a friend of the family. He 'accidentally' sold me a pregnant hamster 3 times. It all must have started there. "Mommy look, babies! Can we keep em?" Sadly no we couldn't... mostly because hamsters are cannibalistic little devils. Being a big girl now i get to make that decision.... muah ha ha.

Our first litter of puppies definitely came with a learning curve. Taking temperatures, feeding double, listening for heartbeats, and preparing a makeshift whelping box was fun for me and Rob. WE listened for heartbeats on our oh so patient schnauzer three times a day. Staying up till 3 am delivering 6 puppies after only expecting three was exciting and disgusting.Gooey is the only appropriate word to sum up the whole birthing experience.  Moose, Popeye, Squeak, Mimi, Rottie, and Dink. We had to name them all, well I had to. It was dirty, messy, and so much fun.

Giving a puppy to someone is like handing someone a best friend, a little buddy. It is incredible. Not to mention playing with six puppies all day isn't too bad either.

I know that me having or not having puppies would not effect some people getting a new puppy. The dogs that I am in contact with are great dogs entirely because of their owners. I cannot help but feel like i facilitated that connection. Not to mention my aunt, who is a bigger dog nut than I, would never have gotten another dog if it wasn't for Diamond having a litter at the right time. Family discount = Gratis.

I miss giving that to people. Giving the gift of a friend. Thankfully with a more than supportive husband that is possible very soon. In one way or another I will be making babies again!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


 As of late I have pined for travel. Although it is difficult with the husbands Work and school, we still manage to take our mini vacations.
 I have become infatuated with Africa. Absolutely enamored with the culture, geography, and history that surrounds it. I may meander away and fantasize about other expeditions abroad, but I always come back to Africa. I want it to be my first real trip outside of this country. (When you live this close to Canada it doesn't really count. Sorry eh?)
At first glance and an aimless web search for "African safari" I was turned on to the eastern portion of Africa. Mostly Kenya,Tanzania, and  the Mozambique in the beginning, but Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa also peaked my interest a bit later.

Surprisingly enough most travel packages were easily customized. It is reassuring to know that I could have something other than a cookie cutter "dream safari".

So much of Africa is pure. These safaris put you in the center of what is still pure. Cultural tours, Hot air balloon safaris, gorilla hikes, and river walks are easily accessible for a price.

My favorite part is the luxury tents in wildlife campsites. I initially laughed at the word "luxury" used to describe anything to do with camping. Camping is as far from luxury I can think of stateside and I imagined it couldn't be any better in Africa. Until I saw these....

Tented camps with hard wood floors, bathrooms, and balconies is the apparent definition of luxury camping.

Its hard to believe this place exists. the wildlife is beyond belief and something I imagine I cannot even fathom.

I have heard the yell of a captive lonely lion being long, sad,  and macabre. I can only imagine hearing the wildlife that is untempered.

Saving for Africa will be worthwhile.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I have issues.... Santa issues

 Usually Around this time of year I draw angels... babies... family... trees... you know boring crap. Then I typically  don't want to draw for the rest of the year...  
This year I wanted to draw rabid Santa.... I feel much better. =D

Merry Christmas.... 

I have had this image in my head for a while.....

I needed him to be obnoxiously disproportionate. I have issues with obsessing over proportions.

His 'nog gut is my favorite... Very low hanging, very disturbing.

And yes... Santa's Hand are chained to his neck...
Why wouldn't they be? He is Rabid.... Come on guys.

Running for his life... 

This poor soul. Maybe he was trying to subdue Santa or maybe he is just running for the inevitable holly jolly avalanche coming down the mountain.

Elves are so over worked. I think they should unionize.

Better Working conditions! Less candy! Shorter toliets!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This time of year....

This time of year always makes me feel like... wishing it was Halloween.
even this year i find myself accidentally replacing the word Christmas with Halloween. Only mildly Freudian i assure you. He was widely discredited anyway.

 Winter makes me long for fall. The crisp cool air and autumn color scheme is incredibly inviting.

Winter is so brown and dead. Snow is a lie. A cover up for barren wasteland that lies beneath. An Elaborate conspiracy that melts away like it was never there. Can you tell I'm not a fan of winter? A fresh blanket of snow is gorgeous. Then its blinding. Eventually it turns grey, brown, and ugly.  

I hate snow.

October Is full of creativity. What to wear? Who to dress up like? How to decorate? It is so much more uninhibited than other holidays. Pagan rites excluded. The masses become temporarily infatuated with mummies, werewolves and vampires.  Hopefully not the idiotic ones that sparkle. (Thats a rant saved for another day. Lestat didn't Sparkle. Thats all I'm saying) Its not all horror stricken or morbid, it is whimsical.

In October, I can walk around with Pink/blue/purple hair and the masses find it cute,endearing or serious costume commitment.  Now if I do it people find me odd. I am ok with odd. Truthfully I like odd and the attention. It is the general mistreatment that comes along with it that irritates me. Like the religious fanatics that harassed my best friend for having blue hair at an art festival. Not one life is the same.

It makes me long for more anime conventions. I LOVE those people. dressing up as anything they want... good or bad. Poorly crafted or expertly executed, it doesn't matter. I have never had so many hugs as I have at Ohayocon. A girl Squealed, hugged me and bowed at my feet. Kaiser-sama has an intense following. Even my un-costumed friends find amazing people to connect with. These people are considered Socially inept weirdos. They tend to be the best people I have ever met. Only my best friends could introduce me to such a world....

I seriously need to watch more Death Note! Not to mention get the Chobits box set.

Kaiser is the best cosplayer I know....
Dressing up is half the fun.

Ugh I forgot how many I had... wow

Monday, December 20, 2010

Flesh and blood crisis

   I am having a serious crisis of flesh. I'm getting antsy, impatient. I'm seriously jones-ing for a new body adornment. It has been nearly 3 years since my last body modification and let me tell you tattoos are a hard habit to quit.

Pacifying my serious need for physical change by drastic changes in my hair cut and color are beginning to fall short in the satisfying category. Wigs and synthetic dreads only appease for hours at a time. I am looking for another long term fix.

I have three tattoos. A "time-bomb" heart right below my neck. A serious of celestial dragons on my lower back and an unfinished fairy on my left thigh.

 Ive made it a rule not to get any substantial tattoos until i lose at least 60 pounds.

Considering my serious itch for ink I am going to dedicate to that goal starting tomorrow. Goals to post soon seeing as i'm not quite sure how much a normal human loses per month. I would at least like to be realistic.

I am seriously considering another piercing. Mostly a lip piercing. My eyebrows are too awesome to mess with.

Dont ya think?

I have always been more a fan of rings and not studs or spikes... at least not on my face. My facial structure certainly would not complement a monroe, snake bite studs, or a center stud. Im really attracted  to these types...

Though i seem to be most attracted to this one.... 

I know I could always take them out and over a short amount of time the spot would not even be noticeable.... It would probably look like one of my many freckles. 

I'm indecisive. I am also tossing around another idea....

I like Rings. What can I say.
It is just too super cute. 
I am trying not to be so impulsive about serious adaptations. Ive been taught that lesson by bleaching my hair into oblivion....

Now to spring the news on the hubby..... wish me luck. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010



Setting up a mobile link with my phone...
Probably the most interesting picture on my mobile device...
Thats it... really.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Glider mama

I am beyond ridiculously excited for my new buddies. I know i posted a bog today but I just geeking over my pictures and my cage and ideas to set it up.  

This one is A white faced Blonde Sugar glider. A neutered male. his name is brett, that will change. 

This is a full leucistic Het female.

Her name is Drew. That will also change.
I cant wait to have these guys. January 8th. A two hour drive and they are mine. Hooray for a wonderful husband who understands how badly i need animals in my life. Although this is going to take serious time to bond, I am ready! 

Rob and I designed and made the cage!. I can stand in it. by cubic feet requirements i could have 12! But i wont.

I do however need name suggestions and and other glider advice!

Family, colors, and drugs...

It is amazing how one day with big brother can remind me how unfailingly maternal I am and however very far behind I am.
It is irritating to be old enough to know you've been given something yet to young to know what it is.
I know it it supposed to make me stronger. Like weight training with energy. Not unlike weight training you get used to the added weight, but you tend to know whats slowing you down. I don't. I will fully reconnect with the family. If they will have me. I do like the sound of duchess... It has a nice ring to it.
It is amazing how my head stops me from knowing what I want to know. Everything from the neck down knows what its doing. Like ancestral muscle memory. What to use, touch, feel. I gravitate towards pink when i hated pinks.  Using rose oil To scent my house when it also battles depression  and brings happiness and love.
Balanced is beautiful.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mood: Anxious...

I am feeling less than confident.
Catching up with old friends has never been hard for me. Catching up with a friend who used to know you better than yourself shouldn't be hard. I'm not interested in reliving all of the bad parts of the past few years. In the world there are only a few people that I care what they think of me.
This anxiety,i guess, could be perceived as insecurity about my life. Typing that actually made me laugh. I feel balanced. More balanced than I ever have. I have had all the time in the world to evaluate every inch of my life... set boundaries, goals, expectations. Ive held firm. Steadfast. No one life is like another.

I would love to have another connection like I had in school, a friendship that was almost scary. Such an odd aspiration.
Past is past.... It wont dictate my future. Unfortunately I cant say if the past will dictate my friendships....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Where in the hell where you?

Miss Moody where have you been?
Gone. Not so much physically but just gone. As much as the word can describe.... gone.
Moody has been making wigs... Moody has been screaming... Moody has been happy.
I am done geriatric-sitting. I am spending my time creating writing and being the many facets of me. I missed moody. She missed me.
And now to be a little less confusing...
I have started creating a wig from scratch. Which is a pain in the ass. Especially with plastic tools not originally intended for the task at hand. While endlessly larks head knotting loose blue hair into a weaving cap is teadious, it made for a relaxing three hours only to accomplish....
It looks like a lot and nothing all at the same time which is fulfilling in a disappointing sort of way.
Being slightly random and mildly ADHD i hvae started working on something else and intend to go back to my wig. All though it sits in a very entertaining manner for now...


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Snippets from grandma....

" I am 70 now, that means i can say whatever the hell I want" So was the statement made by my dear grandmother about 4 years ago. Well she definitely held true to that statement. Though i never thought it would embarrass me publicly...
Directly after her arrival home from the hospital and fresh from knee surgery she began to receive dozens of visitors. Most of which i was related to, but had never met. All whom which told me they loved me dearly. Umm..... ok? the things she said in reference to her body were all together humiliating and hilarious.
"Look at all the yellow bruises! Ha! Look, Im a 'china-men'..." . . . Oh dear lord. This she said to not only family but all her physical therapists. There was that folksy racism i mentioned previously.... This woman still uses the word 'colored', in public. How is it that old people manage to make racism funny?
My uncle decides to use the downstairs bathroom the other day, while he is perfectly capable of going upstairs. Which is normally no big deal (except he leaves the door wide open for number 1), but today he decided to go in and shut the door just as grandma had the same idea... "Danny! Danny! don't you sit down." nothing came from behind the bathroom door. "DANNY! I need to potty!" Im not kidding by the way she did say potty. "DANNY!" She shuffled he walker towards the door and my uncle emerged holding up his pants and laughing.... -now for the best part- "Keep laughing mister, next time i'll just come in and poop on you!" Did she just say that? She did. He was still laughing. "I will do it! Next time I'll sit right down on your lap and poop on you.... we will see how you like it!" The whole rest of the day she threatened to poop on him, whether or not that was the topic of discussion.
She also has some very brilliant solutions....
Like for the oil spill. "Why don't they just stuff the oil CEO's down the hole... right after the president. That'll plug is up." I suppose it would, grandma.
In reference to a recent KIA comercial in where a salesmen is asking for money in order to get down off of a room my grandma says " Push him, He'll get down alot faster and cheaper that way."
This is wear my genes come from... help me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Horrible Miss-'egg'venture...

I am a temporary care giver by day and a semi-closeted freak by night....
Daytime Moody takes care of her grandma and Uncle.
My Grandma, who has had total knee replacement surgery, and my uncle, who is mentally handicapped, need company, a meds distributor, a lunch chef, and a watchdog during the day. Its very mind numbing. A barrage of daytime TV, general generation gap misunderstandings, and folksy racism make up part of my daytime regime.
Being the lunch chef is where todays hilarity began. I can cook elaborate meals from scratch but apparently I can't boil eggs. What is wrong with me?
Egg salad should not be a daunting task, but i guess I got distracted. Probably by something shiny. Never-the-less. I lost track of time. Specifically the amount of time the eggs were boiling. For fear of over boiling eggs (can you over boil eggs?) I took them off the burner.
Peeling eggs that are still gooey is a near-impossible task. Actually it becomes a complete pile of fail and eggs. And if you didn't know fail and eggs looks likes a semi soft chicken embryo suspended between two mildly cooked egg whites. Me being the genius moody I am I needed double the proof...
Afraid to face the grand matriarch of my family with being an egg based failure, I hatched a plan to still use all of the eggs. While boiling the still shelled eggs would be easy, how do you cook open semi-soft eggs still halfly in the shell? Oh goodness, why didn't i just throw them away?
Apparently microwaving eggs so close to freedom is not a good idea. Sure the first minute or so is grand, but then the popping begins. The exploding. The tears. The 30 second countdown became violent, a nail biter. I can't believe this is what I'm reduced to. The microwaved eggs were still usable. And apparently mustard covers up the taste of radiation burnt eggs.
Well no one was ever the wiser ans I was left with a feeling of strange satisfaction of Macgyvering eggs and shame for... well everything else.
Don't judge me.