Saturday, January 22, 2011

This must be whats wrong with me.

Now Kiddies its time to tune your radio (or the player to the right) to song number 3 . Yes, Sweet Transvestite.

I discovered The Rocky Horror Picture Show  when I was twelve. Even then I didn't know how VH1 could air such a sexy movie. I was young, young enough to still care what was on VH1 so my world wasn't to broad at that point.

I remember sitting in the living room while my parents were drinking coffee and reading. I had it in my mind that I would get in trouble if I was caught watching this movie. Of course I didn't come into this at the beginning, no. I came in right about the time a corseted Tim Curry was "Making a Man". I was sure to get grounded but I was raised on musicals, how could I not love a rock opera? I soon became entranced by the movie and didn't even realize my Dad causally walking in and out of the living room. I even heard him chuckle as if he remembered watching the movie himself.
My parents didn't care. They let me watch Total Recall when I was even younger. My favorite part was where Arnold's eyes popped out of his head. Anyway...

Dr. Scott!

Later I became infatuated with a movie with such blatant confusing sexuality. I supposed I never quite understood the societal barricades and lines on sexuality. Why does it matter how someone gets off? Most people treat sex as such a taboo subject but have no problem publicly chastising the person with different preferences.

Everything in the movie is Phallic. While a man wearing pearls and a corset runs around creating and killing human male sex toys, an up tight couple is horrified by the apparent debauchery. I seriously think finding this movie at a young age helped develop my views on others sexuality. Here was this grossly inappropriate movie, by society's standards, grandstanding on a huge public forum.  Of course Frankfurter plans a grand exit performance and essentially get betrayed by his own help, but my mind didnt take any of that into account. I suppose I have always been selective about what i take into my memory.

How can you not love this movie?                   Don't dream it, Believe it.


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