Monday, December 20, 2010

Flesh and blood crisis

   I am having a serious crisis of flesh. I'm getting antsy, impatient. I'm seriously jones-ing for a new body adornment. It has been nearly 3 years since my last body modification and let me tell you tattoos are a hard habit to quit.

Pacifying my serious need for physical change by drastic changes in my hair cut and color are beginning to fall short in the satisfying category. Wigs and synthetic dreads only appease for hours at a time. I am looking for another long term fix.

I have three tattoos. A "time-bomb" heart right below my neck. A serious of celestial dragons on my lower back and an unfinished fairy on my left thigh.

 Ive made it a rule not to get any substantial tattoos until i lose at least 60 pounds.

Considering my serious itch for ink I am going to dedicate to that goal starting tomorrow. Goals to post soon seeing as i'm not quite sure how much a normal human loses per month. I would at least like to be realistic.

I am seriously considering another piercing. Mostly a lip piercing. My eyebrows are too awesome to mess with.

Dont ya think?

I have always been more a fan of rings and not studs or spikes... at least not on my face. My facial structure certainly would not complement a monroe, snake bite studs, or a center stud. Im really attracted  to these types...

Though i seem to be most attracted to this one.... 

I know I could always take them out and over a short amount of time the spot would not even be noticeable.... It would probably look like one of my many freckles. 

I'm indecisive. I am also tossing around another idea....

I like Rings. What can I say.
It is just too super cute. 
I am trying not to be so impulsive about serious adaptations. Ive been taught that lesson by bleaching my hair into oblivion....

Now to spring the news on the hubby..... wish me luck. 

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