Wednesday, December 26, 2012

cool air

Its December 26th.

Im wearing a tank top. The windows are open in my home and wind is whipping through  with lovely cool scents. A touch of frankincense and rose oil simmer in the corner.

I spent Christmas with my best friends and family. We ate a vegetarian potluck. We laughed and drank wine. Exchanged goofy presents.Went for a walk in the night air to look at Christmas lights.

 I am not homesick. I had a beautiful peaceful warm Christmas. I went camping days before on the solstice with my best friends.

This place is beautiful.

Sometimes i wish that i could explain in depth the beauty of this place and this family. If i could sit someone down and pour my heart and experiences out to a deaf ear. Then i venture out among the masses and remember why i pour myself into my family. My husband, My daughter, My dearest friends...

My soul is aching in the best way. I am feeling so very affectionate. I cannot stop smiling though i feel as crazy as ever.

Tomorrow will hurt and my loved ones will be there to support me.

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