Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Redefining the standard.

Everyone has standards right? A group of (hopefully) self imposed guidelines on how one should present themselves, how they do their work, or just for overall decorum should be applicable and different from case to case.
Lets at least pretend that people have standards, for humanities sake.

How does one define their standards? I imagine a certain amount of nurture, breeding and surrounding environments has something to do with the bulk of it, for most people at least, and it seems to stop there.

I find myself seriously contemplating the finite and infinite definition of my standards daily, well maybe not daily but certainly close to it.  In thought over the past few weeks I have redefined the way I want to be perceived and all of my thought processes have been affected, for the better I might add.

It was not simple. I spent a lot of time introspectively examining how my being has changed and how the old self imposed standards I lived by were no longer acceptable. Viola! a wonderful sign of growth and progress in my being. A thing i wish more people experienced.

I feel as if i am constantly redefining my standards.

I redefine my standard for appearance so much so that people who typically have an adverse reaction to alternative styles instead find it charming and alluring. In those instances I've always helped someone redefine beauty for  themselves and the way they perceive the world. To help someone unintentionally find a greater sense of something in the world is amazing.

I will spend a great deal of my life being part of a great redefining of life. It is long overdue.

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