Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thought bubble.

Ive always greatly appreciated art and creativity. Its obvious as it is so intregal to my being. Though ive always struggled with understanding and appreciating abstract art. I never understood how a series of shapes and marks and color that seemingly have no correlation to one another could be glorified to the same status as other art forms. In all honesty I found it unfair at first. I struggled deeply with the reality an artist lives and breathes and finally accepted it as my own. I would think "these people can just get away with throwing crap together and people ooh and awe becausw they dont want to look as they've missed some deep message" First off the people 'ooh-ing' and 'awing' probably dont get it and thats why they stare... so sad Secondly, I totally get abstract art now ..... I get the emotion, the passion, the hurt.... I get it as much as anyone else can grasp anothers fleeting emotions

This is how my brain works...

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