Saturday, September 3, 2011

Expiration date

Early last week I spent around 6 hours in the maternity ward.
I had gone in for a routine ultrasound and was immediately sent to the hospital. Low amniotic fluid levels.

The nusre kindly asked me, as she was hooking me up to all the monitors, "your not panicing are you?" I was. I didn't say that I was, but who wouldn't be? I'm being told something coud be desperately wrong. Panicing.

Hours went by and the nuses kept telling me that my baby was the most active on the floor, perfect on the monitors. So, why am I here?

Waiting, waiting to hear from the doctor. That's why.

Close to hour 5 I had yet another ultrasound. The little one kept kicking the monitor and wand. That's my girl.

Soon after, with little knowledge, I was released. After 6 hours of hearing I may have to have my possible 5lb 14oz baby by emergency c section I was released with no restrictions.

Both scans were wrong. Her womb wading pool has enough fluid. She is just fine.

Of course she is still breech.  So they have put an expiration date on my pregnancy.

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