Friday, February 24, 2012

Home Stead

Ive been spending mounds of time searching for reusing and up-cycling pretty much anything.

We just moved and the mounds of cardboard boxes were overwhelming. While we are provided very large recycling bins to be taken with our weekly rubbish, it just doesn't seem like enough.

 Yes, I am that type of person. A mildly hypocritical hippie. Whats it called? Semi-crunchy?
 Whatever, not the point.

I recently spent the day at a ikea store about an hour away with my sister. While we were driving through canton my sister pointed out a giant hill maybe a small mountain. Our patch of earth does not have hills AT ALL.

" That is not a place the glacier missed, its a landfill" She began to point out how well manicured and built up the surrounding community was. We spent time tossing around the fact that these people were so conditioned to this mountain of garbage being right in their back yard. She seemed appalled that it was normal (which is appalling) but I was more affected by the shear size of the thing.

Feeling so small against a natural wonder is one thing, but feeling small at the base of a mountain of garbage is frightening. Its sick. How can we produce so much waste? How can we roll around in our own garbage? How are people so oblivious? I was aware, but this was a smack in the face.

I have focus nearly all of my artistic efforts to up-cycling my recyclable waste into art. Formula containers, plastic bags, newspaper, tin cans, pop cans, and every little bit I can get my hands on I am keeping.

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