Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[insert hippie style here song title here]

In 2 weeks our lives have change drastically. Then again that always seems to be the way we do things... fast and without warning.

1. We moved. Closer to my family. WE moved into something that's ours, not going to be ours or promised to us, out right ours. Forgive me I'm not good at sharing, and we wasted so much time trying to help someone who didnt want help. (though she desperately needed it).

2. Husband  got his first out-of-college career at a type job! Its at a hospital 10 minutes from our new home no less.

3. Little one, whom we have been calling panda,  has gotten her first teeth. Yes, i mean teeth. Two bottom teeth at once. Which explains my grumpy panda.

4. I've actually been completing projects for my esty store. A mask, some collage work, prints, up-cycled things and mosaics.
5. I joined weight watchers. Its time. I hate my postpartum body. I've always been a big girl, but now its time to be healthy. Time to break the cycle

Now we prepare for more changes. The more and more life I see the more I want to change mine. The husband and I have made some plans, plans to move in a southerly direction in the next two years. All depending on health fiances and a bit of cosmic faith.

Wish us luck and sunshine.

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