Monday, August 13, 2012

7 days...

I've never been so excited for a Monday to come. Next Monday we leave Ohio.

I imagine it won't be permanently but who knows.

This past year has been awful away from my friends. The loneliness was staggering. While I understand the necessity (to an extent) of that loneliness it didn't make this last year any easier.

I've found myself lonely in a room full of people yet completely at home in a place I had never been before.

I cried when I arrived back home after my vacation because I wanted to join the little family Rob and I had created with the family my friends have all created.

Now we are half packed up ready to go right now. I can barely breathe I am so excited to get away.

I love my family dearly but northwest Ohio is no place for a crazy artist introvert.

I feel as if I have expanded beyond the barriers of this place and I need more room to grow. Different influences, different places, different memories. If I stay here much longer my growth will be stunted like do many others.

It will be nice to be somewhere where no one knows you or knows your family or went to school with some random relative.

It will be nice to be somewhere where you don't have fend off crazy lies and stories from a sad nemesis. Nice to not be recognized by my mothers maiden name. ( we have a large polish family).

I won't have to battle farm equipment for road space.

Forgive me I'm all over the place with excitement.

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