Sunday, August 26, 2012

'we live where you vacation'

I am home.

The second time I was in Florida was to move in to our new place. I am in love. The journey was long.

18 1/2 hours to drive to Tampa from Toledo, Ohio. I drove the car while my husband drove a large U-haul. 1100 miles under my belt... Mostly at night.

Driving through southernOhio and Kentucky brought back memories of a boot camp graduation and long car ride with old friends. Though not Ohio I was still on familiar territory.

Tennessee, Was beautiful to drive through. We were told on each rest stop, by a slow southern drawl, that we talked to fast.

Georgia was beautiful as well. Although driving through Atlanta on the freeway is terrifying.

Florida. I barely knew we entered Florida until I hopped out of the car at the hotel. Florida just smells different. A beautiful earthy saltwater smell. Even after spending 15 hours driving on and off at that point and being vaguely delirious I recognized that smell.

There are palm trees outside my windows. Fresh produces stands within a short walk from my front door and a lake is a short walk in the other direction.

Beaches. Culture. Beauty. Best friends.

All of my friends sat at a table last night and at a vegan buffet no less. They teased and talked to my daughter. We all laughed obnoxiously.
We stayed up doing a lot of nothing but play vintage video games.

It only just hit me yesterday. I live in Florida. I am surrounded by palm trees, buddies, little lizards and opportunities.

We live where you vacation.

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