Friday, November 16, 2012

Here we go again....

Here I go again.

My weight loss has reached a staggering plateau. I changed my eating habits, cut out soda and processed food, and I even cut out most animal products, still nothing. The scale did not budge. I increased my activity, still no progress.
So yesterday I pouted. Today I resume The Master Cleanse that I had been forced to stop in month prior.
Last time i sliced my finger open and my husband required me to consume calories because i was turning green.

Today I begin a (hopefully) 7 day fast of a weirdly satiating lemonade drink.

For some strange reason I unconsciously enjoy timing these things so they will be rather difficult .      If you notice my schedule i managed to start my fast so thanksgiving isn't an option. Though a vegetarian Thanksgiving cant really be that bad for you anyways.

    I have plenty of things to keep my mind busy. Aside from being a mom I have a ink series im working on, an acrylic self portrait, illustrations, a few writings and a novel. 

I will try and blog my descent into the Master cleanse daily... So far so good. 
wish me luck,

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