Thursday, January 19, 2012


I always wanted to promote my writings, my blogs, my arts and what not. I know how, I do have some time to do it, but all in all I never really get to it.

Why? Because I can't force myself to commit. I am a mom, a new mom. And yet this sure as hell isn't a mommy blog even if I do blog about L every now and again. I am an artist, but I can't post tons of pictures of my works because they are so random. A bit hard to follow... like everything I do.
Life isn't all about one thing. My life includes being a mom, an artist, a wife, a gamer, a friend, a crafter, a raving lunatic and so much more.

I want to create an Esty store, but again I can't commit. I jump around so frequently. My store would be filled with weird and classic knits, funky art prints, handmade baby toys, and other curiosities. All in all there would be no cohesion. The style and theme would range from obnoxiously cute to disturbingly morbid. Maybe I could create my own brand of random.

I have so many goo ideas. Especially now that I am experiencing this existential transformation. Out of nowhere these images and ideas (good and bad) pop into my head and I go rushing to my sketchbook like a madwoman to scribble out a rough interpretation with notes and suggestions. I scour random references which spark more Ideas and more incomprehensible scribbling.

I've sold things I've made in the past. Half a dozen dead fish hats... bags... dreads and a few other things. I made a decent profit.

I should just do it.

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  1. Yes. Yes you should. How fascinating, these very similar conclusions we've been coming to, yet separately. Makes me wonder.