Tuesday, January 17, 2012


... thats exactly how I feel, uninhibited. Dear god what a beautiful feeling.

I've been up and down and up and down.... Now is seems there is no such thing as up, no such thing as down. Not for me at least. I am beginning to understand myself, my journey and my world.

I've been trying things... all kinds of things. Penny auctions, sweepstakes, painting, writing, ... Ive been reading things Id never read, watching shows Id never give a chance just because I can.

I hung a brightly colored noose on my wall, and I think its hilarious. I may make more... I wish I could explain it... I have the words buts its not the time.

I have been fasting. Another new venture.  Just one day a week... with this special drink designed to keep your body in tact... not starving it. Its a practice in will power as much as it is a physical detox. I fast the day after we get groceries. I meditate while L sleeps. Fasting forces me to concentrate elsewhere, and keep myself so bust as to forget about food.

I am very lost yest very in love.

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