Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who am I?

Yesterday I bought two wicca books and a wholesale lot of "Barrel of monkeys" games. Story of my life.

 I never realized how randomly my mind worked until I gauged reactions of cashiers at various superstores.

"Is she buying lacy underwear AND hedge clippers?" Yes I was. Or something equally as ridiculous. It makes sense to me, the undies were cute and the hedge clippers were on sale.

For a long time I've fought with myself over accepting things... I'd attempt to force myself to accept things. For instance I tried to force myself into believing I was a housewife. I blogged about it. In all honesty I hate the word. i'm more of a creative hermit.

People don't accept that. "Oh, you dont work?" Fuck off.

 I suppose I may be labeled as a SAHM (stay at home mom) or a housewife for a bit longer. In reality, I bet I do more than most. On top of menial household tasks and being a mom, I create. I draw, craft, and create different things. I buy and sell on eBay and use other facets of my resourcefulness. Last week I started, finished, or worked on  7 different projects. That doesn't include the ones that failed.

I cook, clean, care for the dogs, teach my daughter sign language, I (try to) keep up with most social media and friends, I pay the bills and balance the budget, I do 80% of baby care/play, I make my own baby food, and on top of all of the 'normal' things i still manage to make things. Awesome things.

I have finally accepted myself as an artist. I am a good mom with a foul mouth. I actively strive for balance. I don't pin myself down with any one spirituality. I am a wife (with an infinitely understanding husband). I am a bit of a hermit.

Who we are is always changing. Millions of sparkling facets define us. I suppose some gems sparkle a bit brighter. 

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