Friday, July 6, 2012

Forks over knives.

A few of my friends have been asking me and the hubs to watch this documentary called Forks Over Knives. It took me a while to get around to it not because I didn't care but because I have little free time to devote my full attention to it. Yesterday I caught a break. My niece ( whom I babysit) left just as the baby went down for a nap.
I love documentaries but I usually don't like food documentaries. Most of them seem to make you feel guilty for being born into this awful, obese, consumerist, ignorant world as if we had a choice. Most of them attack you for being one thing or another.
Forks Over Knives does not. It provides very sound science for its reasoning. The reasoning? That people thrive much better on a whole goods plant based diet. Reverting to being a vegetarian with little dairy protein has shown to stop cancer growth, reverse diabetes, cure heart disease and so much more.
The pure honesty of the movie scared me. All of the diseases mention run in hubs family. ALL OF THEM.
All of my friends are vegetarian. I had struggled with the idea for some time now. I don't like hurting animals but at the same time I am on medication that is undoubtedly tested on animals and so is hubs. Being a vegetarian didn't seem like enough. I felt as if I'd be a hypocrite. I can argue it back and forth so many ways but all in all I could not look a cow in face today and have it for dinner tomorrow.

This documentary put me over the edge. Especially if our health could improve enough to not need those animal abusive drugs.

Even hubs was sold. Which is a feat let me tell you.

We are officially a vegetarian family. Now and forever.

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