Friday, August 12, 2011

A different take on things...

I've learned a few things

Apparently being pregnant opens you up to rediculous and horrifying stories from just about anyone. I've heard everything from hidden twins to a woman actually delivering her uterus after delilvering her child. Why have I heard these things? Hell if I know. Its like an unwritten hazing, because pregnancy isn't miserable enough already. I have other legitimate fears... like having my abdomen ripped apart manually if I need a c-section. I don't need more.
I have a different take on things. So many women cry. Cry at the ultrasound, cry when they feel movement, cry when they hear the heartbeat. Not me. I grin like an idiot but crying just doesn't feel natural. Yes I am creating a human and its amazing, but it is also terrifying. I don't think many women are educated on what actually happens to their body. Hips shift, organs run out of space, blood thickens... even my mom says "people say birth is beautiful, but its not. Its gross, the baby is beautiful."

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