Friday, December 30, 2011

A small rant

Dear Nuvaring,
   Go fuck yourself and die.
         A mildly homicidal consumer

   At my 6 week post partum OB visit, my doctor recommended Nuvaring. "I always recommend it to new moms. You have enough to deal with having a newborn without remembering to take a pill everyday. Its wonderful and it wont make you gain weight." He is a wonderful man so i took his advice even thought it felt a bit degrading. At the same time I never quite understood how a man could give me advice about an organ he doesn't posses.  I mean, come on.
  Either way the first week I was nearly suicidal. Manic was an understatement.  I was up and down and back again so fast I scared myself. Of course the nurse assures me" your hormones are still evening out from pregnancy, give it some time" I did. Nearly 3 months. Today I couldn't take it anymore. Within hours of removing the ring i began to feel normal. Well as normal as I usually feel.

Nuva ring can suck it. 

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  1. Wow. I truly detest how much hormones can control our minds. They're evil... seriously. I'm with you on that. Fuck Nuva Ring... seriously