Monday, April 11, 2011


I find I often have the same instinctual action pattern every time I encounter layers of stress. It seems to be very similar to how a body deals with frostbite. The body stops supplying blood to the extremities in order to supply and protect the processes vital to survival. I tend to do the same thing. I stop actively contacting people and focus on my husband or my immediate family. I don't shun connection at these points I just don't seek it.
  I hate people worrying about me. I know they do, and I am aware its because they care but i hate putting weight on people. Which is why I never ask for help.
  Realistically it is probably the most convoluted plan of action when it comes to stress.
 I haven't always been like this. I have always been very vigilant about self preservation however. When close friends have hurt or abandoned me in the past its hard to remember that my friends are awesome. and everyone else was a sleeze.

Things are moving. Things are going forward. 

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