Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I need to rant just a bit... I need to say it.


When I was in school you were a freak if you were interested in the supernatural. Trust me, I was a freak. I still am but I had real vampires. I read books by people who could actually create a coherent sentence. The twilight is quite possibly the worst series ever made. Poorly written as a book (and thats being generous) and terribly put together on the big screen. I have no respect for anyone in love with a sparkly vampire. Vomit.

It does say quite a bit about our masses obsessed with such drivel. Vampire are supposed to burst into flames violently, its part of their lament. Its the biggest part of the damn myth. Fucking emo vampires.
Seriously, you sparkle, have eternal life, and have all the super abilities of a normal fucking vampire. All the down fall is what? Looking pretty in the light.Their balls must fall off too, thats the only other explanation. If I had those powers with no downfall I would rule the world... easily.

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