Monday, April 11, 2011

Turn your head and cough...

  Life often likes to dump on us from now and then. Like an unpleasant check up, a fucked up emotional probe.
Like those unpleasant check-ups, these dumps are necessary, though irritating. I can't imagine the person who doesn't have to work for happiness or material things is really happy or even stable. Life shouldn't be totally easy... though I do love it when a plan comes together.
  I have been stressed. Shit, thats an understatement but still its the best word for the outcome. I imagine all moms to be are stressed in different ways. Every time I stress for extended period a end signal flares up. A cool refreshing unbreakable  mood. I am currently enjoying this mood.
  Since before i found this mood i have started some positive productive hobbies.

I have started a veggie garden. Well i have the seeds in a green house starter till they are ready to transplant. Squash, tomatoes, rosemary, basil, thyme, and a few others right now. I need to roto-till my patch of land up and add my compost I have been working on during the winter.  I love greens but never really had the proper space or lighting to keep them from getting brown. It should be a fun money saving venture.

I have also started couponing. Which sounds like an odd hobby for me to have. It all sounds all too domestic for me, doesn't it? But after i started fooling around with it I realized i could get a lot of stuff i use all the time for free... or pretty damn close. Im all for saving extra money and being able to put more back to start our business. Not to mention more money is even better for a growing family. Its oddly fun...

I can feel my baby kicking... Im feeling pretty good...

I have learned to appreciate the lows because they make the highs that much better. I know I have great family because I deal with a shitty one. I know i have a great guy because I've dealt with some bad ones. I know I have awesome friends because I have had shitty ones.
I know when I'm up because Ive been down.

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  1. Coupon clipping huh? Sounds domestic, but nice. It marks a lot I think.