Monday, April 4, 2011

Here I go again....

I love storms. The crash and boom, the pounding rain, I love it all.

145 bpm today. Baby had a strong heartbeat. Beautiful.

Im very glad I got to hear the heart beat today. I have been so stressed. Been in the ER twice this week. Once for Rob once for Grammy. I hate the ER. Additional stress is not nessecary. Not to mention our house hunting is on hold. Why? Because out of no where Grammy decided she is moving into assisted living and wants us to take over her house and possibly mange the farm land. Truthfully we have no idea why. I think our house hunting being 30-60 minutes away from her set off a chain reaction. She knows once we move closer to my family we aren't going to come back here. Which means the house which has been in the Baird family for around 150 years would sit vacant even though it is willed to us. Maybe she is afraid the house will be sold off. After all the farmland most certainly will be sold off.
   Its rather hard to tell whats going on with her. Still we cannot turn down a free 5 bedroom house on 2+ acres. Not to mention the surrounding farmland is willed to us as well. Which would be nice space for a kennel. But who frickin knows. My inlaws mostly suck, so im not holding my breath. I just hate uncertainty.

Im going to go play in the rain.

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