Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's OK


                             It's OK thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays


   .... to let the husband stay up all night with the baby because you feel like crap

..... to incorporate "shipping"  into your monthly budget because your friends moved to Florida

  .... to completely forget you were doing laundry (oops!)

    .... to do all of your shopping online so you dont have to deal with holiday shoppers

  .... to feel lame for no particular reason

   .... to make weird things for dinner because you have yet to go grocery shopping

  .... to want to up and move right next to my mom, to make my life simpler

   .... to spend all of your free time working on everything you could possibly think of instead of doing housework

  .... to spend half the day cuddling with the baby

  ..... to feel like your crazy for no reason at all


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  1. Hey there! I found your blog through It's Ok Thursday. I am right there with you on many of these especially the laundry one today. Oops. Haha.