Thursday, November 17, 2011

Master of none....

I have been super productive lately... as seen in my last post. When L naps I explode, and apparently that explosion consists of creativity and yarn as of late.

 3 1/2 hats, an eyeglasses case, a kindle cover, and a stuffed owl rattle. Holy shit bat man.

I have always felt as if I was a Jack of all trades type of gal. I can pick up anything and be at least mildly successful after a bit, and yes that was cocky. I have always felt I am, however, not a master in any particular art. Unless you consider sarcasm an art. Most of this stems from being around creativity ALL of my life.  I can sew, yes... but my Mom is a master seamstress, quilt-maker, fabric hoarder, and all around bad-ass with fabric. I can draw, yes... but my best friend has a Masterful and educational knowledge and talent of all things to do with creating an image from scratch. etc.  When I dabble in arts it is often for a gift, in fact I own only one piece of artwork that I have done out of maybe 30.   People say "You made that? Thats beautiful, thats awesome" and so on... I have always thought. "You like this? You should see what my friends can do."

About a year ago I took up knitting. Mostly out of boredom. I have worked everyday since I was thirteen, and I supported my husband and part of his family through some really serious illness. My husband was giving me a break... I was burnt out and  I didn't have to work. At this time we didn't have a child.... and was I painfully bored. I quickly found out that there was nothing on daytime television and there is only so many times you can play the same video game. Bored, bored, bored. Reading became boring, I couldn't find anything inspiring to draw, and I made a few really random things that I have hidden in the back of a closet now. Who doesn't want a light fixture made out of chicken wire, Christmas lights and an old bedsheet? Me that's who.

I perused through the craft aisle at walmart... I didnt want to waste my time or money getting excited at Micheals or Hobby Lobby considered my attention span at that time. Two options knitting or crochet, I had exhausted everything else. . My grandma crochets and all I could think of was all of the awful blankets she has given me over the years plus knitting was supposed to be more challenging than crochet. I didn't hold much hope.

I made a few practice scarves that curled up at the sides because I was knitting to tightly... I attempted to made a blanket with yarns of two different densities, that didn't work out well... and i successfully made my mom a scarf for Christmas that was far too wide. She still wears it. Of course it had to click with something weird for me. I had tons of unfinished projects. I have no patience and I get frustrated easily . I started a hat, this hat....

With my husband underneath it. 

It was my first success really. And it all clicked from there with a fish hat. 

I am adept at knitting and crochet. I can learn the techniques of both easily. I am mastering this art and what I am making doesn't look like my grandma made it!

I have found my craft.... have you found yours? 

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  1. Ok, wow. I feel like I miss things so fast.

    1. That chess set is AMAZING!
    2. You are amazing!! Your knitting/crochet skillz are mad dog! ;) I'd love to say so much more, but let's save it for a good convo, yes?