Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Sometimes you just feel awesome about yourself.... this week has made me feel pretty awesome,

Examples of my awesomeness:

I created a crochet pattern for a hat. I made said hat AND IT FIT! Not to mention was too painfully cute!
Not the greatest pic of the hat, but a great pic of L

I tackled and mastered Entrelac knitting the first time around.

I got my husband a beautiful hand carved chess set for his birthday and beat him the first time we played.

I officially kick ass at chess. 

I incorporated Lyla into some of my exercise routines so I don't have to forfeit baby time.

I started several graphic projects to put in an online store just for kicks. Why not?

I've lost 12 pounds all together ( though 10 of that was baby weight)

I finished ANOTHER fish hat commission.

Cracked Photoshop all by myself like a big girl. (Nathan would be proud)

Usually when I start to feel like this I get a false sense of invincibility. Its so incredibly unrealistic. Sometimes my thoughts end up like this

"I AM AWESOME. I can do ANYTHING. Maybe I'll go on safari and punch a lion!"
Though It usually ends with my inflated ego being popped by something silly, like being beaten in a video game.

Its OK to feel like a rock star sometimes. I can certainly tell my mind is much more active lately, mostly because I have had weird dreams. Anyone else win a hand of poker with trip 11's? Not jacks, 11's. Yeah I didnt get it either, but i had won  $40,000 in the dream .  Maybe its a sign. Maybe I'll be buying a lottery ticket on 11-11-11 in addition to Skyrim. Realistically I will probably be to busy having a nerd-gasm over Skyrim to even think about a lottery ticket. I mean come on.... DRAGONS!

Excuse me while I clean up my drool.

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