Monday, May 2, 2011


   I keep thinking "if we did things my way, life would be so much easier".

But of course my way involves moving closer to home, which isn't an easy option. I have a house. I am soon to have two.
I dont want two houses.  Not here
It is best for Rob's Grandma I suppose. seeing as she tends to fall on a weekly basis and lives in the middle of no where.
This is where the selfish part comes in. His family makes life difficult. His grandma can't help it but the rest of them can. Honestly i dont understand what is  so hard to understand about stress induced seizures...
There is a good chance I will have Bob arrested next time he shows up on our doorstep. Joy.

I'm very excited about the prospect of a brand new home. I am sure it will make a hell of a difference. Big bathrooms, dishwasher, kitchen with and island, big tubs, etc...
Truthfully the only I really dont like about down here is... the company. Selfish?
Bright side...

Jinx had her babies! woot. Ill be able to handle them soon!

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