Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Applaud... or be destroyed.

My first larger test as a beginner couponer has been a raving success..

Today I got a little over $100 in groceries for $6. Success!!

While couponing sounds painfully domestic, and well it is, it also requires a decent amount of logic. An item will only go on sale every 3-6 months. Grocery stores all have different sales, prices, coupon policies, and sales events. This means knowing the average price of items to know whether or not the "sale" is actually a sale. Most stores will periodically raise prices before a sale then drop them back to the original price and call it a sale. It has been developed into a skill oddly enough.

I paid less than 75 cents for all the things that I actually had to pay for. On the free side I got 12 boxes of pasta, 2 cartons of silk milk, 4 big bottles of body wash, 2 big bottles of Sunny D, 4 Jello Temptations, 4 bottles of propel water, 2 boxes of frozen soft pretzels, and 3 large tubes of toothpaste. All absolutely free. I also got  bottles of J&J baby bubble bath, cheezits, rice cakes, shave gel and a few other things...
Awesome. That was merely my first attempt. It had taken a bit longer than I'd liked because I had miscounted and miscalculated. Still...

At this point I dont much care how domestic couponing is. I feel like it is a vehement protest to how expensive it is to merely survive. Not to mention once I work up a decent stock pile I can start donating excess food to a food bank. Too cool.

I dont for see myself giving up couponing anytime soon.

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