Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hand-me-down love

My wonderful sister has given me tons of baby books for me and baby alike.

Two of them were my nieces books. I remember reading these books to my niece when she was younger... She is only six after all. I did spend an awful lot of time with her for at least the first two years of her life, when my mom watched her. I remember watching her and sayin "nope, not yet." I probably said that up until about a year ago.

Now its completely flipped. My hormones have got me upside and crying at commercials. I don't cry. I'm very excited for this little person. I am in extreme nesting mode.I think Rob is more excited than I am. He even went out and bought the first pink "I love my daddy" thing he could find. I couldn't do this without a supportive husband.

People keep coming out of the woodwork with things for me... clothes, furniture, books, toys, blankets. Apparently four people are making me baby blankets. I'm digging all this hand me down love. Its really a good show of how excited people really get about family and babies.

Half way there. My family will be one little Pollock bigger.

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