Thursday, May 26, 2011


Lately I've been wishing I could be a little more organic about the way this child enters the world. unfortunately my body has made a few decisions for me already. I have issues with the way my hips are set that make an un-medicated vaginal birth only available for a certain time frame. Granted I have known my hips would give me issues with childbirth since I was sixteen, but I never gave it much more than a passing thought.

 An epidural will broaden my chance of giving birth vaginally, but I have already been given a weight limit. Sometimes smaller built women wont be able to give birth naturally because of their hips may not shift as much as they need to. I am definitely not a small woman, but my hips probably wont shift in the right way. The fact that I am already in a lot of pain worries me a bit.
I don't want to be induced, at all, but I will do whatever is best for the baby. I am terrified of a c-section.


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