Wednesday, March 21, 2012


There are few things in life that I outright hate. A few songs, TV shows, and various social constructs top the list. Most of all there is a whole group of people who sit at the very tippity top...

Doctors... all doctors (so far).
1. Neurologists... we have gone through around four neurologists for my husbands seizure disorder. the first of which defected to India and left no referrals or reference to medical files. That was fun. The others refused to listen to my me or my husband about his seizure triggers, which resulted in far to many trips to the ER.

2. Family practice doctors (at least my recently rejected family doctor)... "Oh he is the best doctor I have ever been to" Bull shit. Maybe if everything could be solved by Xanax and Percocet. I went in for a refill of my thyroid meds and left with 2 heavy duty pain killers (for no apparent reason) and Xanax. I still have no idea why. My reasoning, after he tried to give my husband xanax for his seizure disorder, was that this Doctor was an Old timey idiot.

3. OGYN's... My primary OB left unexpected halfway through my pregnancy, then the doctor whom I had been seeing from the same office couldn't be bothered to do my C-section. A man whom i had never met before getting an epidural and being put behind a sheet introduced himself to me as my new OBGYN. (he did turn out to be wonderful to his defense)

4. Pediatricians & Resident radiologists (because my experience was tied up with the both of them)... The mass on L's neck is a benign lipoma. It was explained to be two different ways, one in a telephone-style game where I didn't get to actually talk to the radiologist and the other through a very thick accent over the phone. I understand benign = non-threatening, but its at the base of her skull and its big. One doc said it would dissolve, one said it would get bigger and require surgery (later in life) to remove.

Fuck me.

The Lipoma, according to my research, normally would not require removal unless it limited movement or caused pain. It causes her no pain, thank god. It is however in an odd spot. Imagine having a growth about the size of a golf ball at the base of skull on the right side of your spine. I imagine that would hinder movement of the head if looking upwards or cocking your head... Would that eventually cause pain? At the very least it  would be an annoyance.

My husband recently started working at a medical campus. His work is in orthopedics, but the doctor he works under has referred us to the top oncologist at the hospital. Just for a second look. She is willing to see us (in front of her waiting list) and look over all of L's files, including the mass ultrasound.

And we get to do it for FREE. Thank god.

Maybe this time I will feel at least a little relieved.

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