Friday, March 16, 2012

Life with pictures..

... Because everything is better with pictures. 
To start things off, I've been busy in a creative whirlwind of re-purposing, reusing, and creating.
Ive been trolling around and other various sites for inspiration. I found a link on crafting cardboard into useful artful things. 
Since we just moved I have an overabundance of cardboard boxes...

This is 3/4 finished. I substituted paper mache  for water color paper tape. Mostly because I am an impatient hermit. I took picture of the whole step by step process and I plan to publish my tutorial later on.

I've rescued an old tore up Gulliver's Travel book and re-purposed it. Before anyone chews me out for turning  antique literary brilliance into art, know that it was half destroyed to begin with.

Three 8 x 10 sets awaiting publishing in my upcoming store. I also have two 5 x 7 collages and an unfinished 11 x14 that I am currently too lazy to get up and take pictures of.

Melted Monkeys!
A craft stolen from pintrest.

Slow melted monkeys painted and sealed. I have 8 more barrels to melt :)

6 Months old!

A varied symphony of squeals, gurgles, and coos this child is!

I have one of "those babies". You know the ones. The ones who barely cry, put themselves to sleep and consistently plays quietly on the floor. I won the baby lotto she is awesome.  

 Monday we go to the hospital for an ultrasound. L has a mass at the base of her skull. Terrified doesnt begin to cover what I am feeling the the moment. Doctor is not worried but thats not saying much.

Various and random photos from the week...
rose of jericho

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