Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I suck at being a housewife..

I really do.

Not for lack of trying, though.
Often I begin on the correct trajectory, then I find some excuse to veer into a different plane of thought.

I Often forget to switch the laundry( or it never gets folded). I forget to unload the dishwasher until i need a bottle. I forget to put leftovers away and other such absent mindedness.

I spend most nap times painting, knitting, crafting, and creating. I often have 3 or more projects going at once.
and I think every time "I am just going to do this one thing" annnnd then, all of the sudden, nap-time is over.

Somehow my house is reasonably clean, which is the best I can really hope for. My husband is more interested in letting me endlessly fiddle away with my projects than getting frustrated over a unorganized house. He often picks up the slack. I think he feels guilty that I dont have alot of adult interaction. Jokes on him... I dont like people. ^__^

By society's standards i must be a good mom, since i suffer from a lot of mom-guilt. Pacifiers, dispoables, formula... there is always somethings we can do better. Be more green. More Montessori. More everything. She is progressing, active, very alert, and very smart. I must be doing a few things right.

Good mom, Good wife, Bad housekeeper.

Awesome artist.

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