Friday, March 30, 2012

Novel hypothesis

Yesterday Hubs surprised me with a babysitter and a chance to escape the house. So we went and saw  The Hunger Games (not i didnt read the series, yes i intend to). It was good and actually kept my attention, which is quite a feat.
Now onto the point...

I spent a good portion of the movie thinking about the alternate realities I have created for stories and fantasies.  I have created equally entertaining and interesting realities and tossed them aside. Mostly because I have no faith in my plot development. My basis is good, characters and development is good, and sometimes i even have a good direction in which to take them. Then it all falls off..

My most developed Character, Fawn, was born out of hate but has since turned into this visage of complex beauty. I had began writing a book solely to help vent frustrations of issues I was having at the time. The characters were shallow and the story line was dated. It wasn't meant to be more than a coping mechanism. While 95% of my premise sucked out right, a piece of it (which Id like to keep to myself) was unique. A piece that could only exist in Fawn.

I have since developed a new version of Fawn. Fawn 2.0 if you will..

Fawn had started as a vapid sociopath with no real direction. She was malicious, dumb and a pathological liar. Like I said I was angry. Since that anger has long since subsided I have given her depth, a back-story, and all of the notable characteristics of a lovable disaster. Which, in my opinion, is one of the best character types. I always find myself favoring the deeply flawed, silently emotional monster. I know psychologically that speaks volumes, but that is a whole 'nother blog entry.

An old illustration of Fawn
Hubs asked me last night on the way home why I never went anywhere with my revision of the story. In all honesty mostly due to lack of confidence in plot formation. I tend to attack writing in a style similiar to that of Steven King (apparently we share the same personality type;INFJ.) Steven King has said that even though he starts with a general idea, he does no storyboarding or outlining. His novels just come to him as he is writing.

My writings come  to me in the same way. It makes it tough for me to write something like a novel when I can't really gauge my progress or lack there of. It seems to be a literary curse as it leaves an infinite number of dots to be connected. Something like having an end in mind but no end in sight all at the same time.Which is why my novel lay partly done and tucked away in a folder.

I know my character inside and out. I have developed other supporting characters for her story. I have role-played her (both versions). The entirety of the story line I have created could possibly span 3 novels.

I'm going to pick it up again with no promises. You can read my second revision of the opening here. You can also see some of my art work there just nothing recent, I REALLY need to update my deviant art.

I will revise it again. As ive read it and the first few chapters i have tucked away I see how it needs changed already.

NOTE: It has taken me nearly 8 hours to write this post in its entirety, due to my spacey-ness, 6 month old, and animals.

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