Monday, October 3, 2011


I feel like a normal human again. Pregnancy toyed with my body and mind. I could hardly think rationally...

I love my little girl and I would gladly do it all again for her, but man am I glad to NOT be pregnant anymore.

In the spirit of having my brain back I feel the need to set a few goals.
 I've been a house wife and geriatric caretaker now for nearly a year... It's boring on its own. I found plenty of hobbies and such to keep me busy and productive all while trying to contain my husbands seizure disorder. The latter unfortunately is incredibly complicated and over my head at times. Now we have a new addition, Lyla.

Seeing as I am adding more to my life starting a family I see this is a fitting time to feel like myself while enriching myself a bit. Some of the goals are silly, and may seem trivial but they all have a meaning or a purpose.

Short term goals (within the next two months):

Finish reading my behavioral training books.
Dye hair (blonde and purple)
Create an attack plan for Christmas gifts.
Take more professional pictures of little bit
Create a photography and craft portfolio

Long Term goals:

Teach little bit sign language (when she is old enough)
Vacation in Florida during the winter.
Strengthen my core and pelvic girdle ( lessen hip pain)
Increase overall endurance
Increase my small breeding operation
Obtain an Alienware computer (PC rather than laptop)
Increase and solidify presence in useful communities
       I.E. breeder forums and shows, sugar glider central, ect....

I'm sure Ill streamline these a bit, this is a very "Off the cuff" type of goal setting for me.
More to come... Stay tuned.

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