Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I've learned in my 23 years....

Sometimes the best way to respond when someone asks "Why?" is simply "Why not?"

   I've been asked "why?" so many times.... why dye your hair (insert any color here)? Why dress up with your friends? Why do you have so many animals? Why drive for hours just for fun?       Why not?     
    I don't recommend answering in that fashion if there can be a good reason why not to do said activity. 

Very rarely is one person entirely responsible for anything. 

     It incredibly easy to place blame or praise on one person for just about anything. More often than not someone else has a hand in the mix. When this is considered in some scenarios it can be game changing. 

If you have an open door policy with your family you shouldn't partake in  afternoon sex on the couch. 
    Enough said.

Sometimes drastic changes are the best kind. 

    Some of the most enlightening experiences in my live have resulted from the decision to make a drastic change. Changing gear really fast can be exhilarating but fair warning ive found it can also be bad for the engine.

Joy by comparison is not real joy.  
    Joy and happiness should come from your own life experiences not by comparing your life to others. 

Be anything but normal.


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