Thursday, October 27, 2011


I often feel disappointed that I am not further along in my endeavors. Why? because I am hyperbolic when it comes to my lack of progress.

I have progressed. I have worked hard. I am happy with where I am at.

I have worked out 6 days a week for about two weeks now. I've lost a little bit less than 10 pounds. I feel great. I've been doing Zumba 20-45 minutes of dance cardio goofy-ness at least 5 of those days. I'm not usually a fan of any "dance your ass off" work-out but I got the game for the PS3. It gives me something other than annoying instructors to focus on. I'm a sucker for earning points and trying to one-up my last effort. i also got the UFC trainer game. I swear I am the only person who would buy both in one transaction and go home and use them both. I'll admit that UFC makes me feel like a failure. Though i spent nearly 2 months practically immobile, I still want to jump right back in the game. Unfortunately that is a bit lofty.  I have been doing other weight training, stability ball, and cardio. I am working!

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  1. I am so proud of you Jenn! That is not an easy thing to do! I've been meaning to get back into the swing of things and it starts by reading my friends blogs again. I've felt so disconnected for a while now (Which I'm sure makes perfect sense... major transitions n what not). And in response to your other blog... what's fall without your friends to celebrate it with? I've actually been pretty bummed about it. Halloween, that's our thing you know?? It's a weird time for all of us, but it's necessary and it will be completely worth it. I'm really excited and proud of all of us!