Thursday, October 27, 2011

★ Quiet, I'm plotting....

I just can't appreciate fall this year. Honestly I'm not sure why. I used to view it as this significant representation of mortality and change. Now, I barely notice. I am in, by no means, a bad or rotten mood.  Everything is going well. If i try and figure out why my lust for fall has fallen through I could be lost in thought all morning. I can only be lost in thought two times over and still function as a normal person.

Rob graduates in January. I am so proud. If all goes the way he wants he will graduate with a 3.8 or higher. Then in the summer its off to another school elsewhere to work on his next degree. We haven't decided where to just yet, but it also depends on what job offer he takes. Changes are taking place in so many areas of my existence that fall just doesn't seem quite so deserving of my attention this year.

I've decided to take an animal behavioral course. Its mostly an intense dog trainer certification that I can take with me wherever. It will officially give me the right to behavior test shelter animals, even though I already know how. Funny isn't it? The dog trainer jumping through hoops. Its a very good step in the right direction, but i'm not starting that till after the holidays. After that I need to find another aggression trainer and beg him to let me shadow. "But really I'll work for free!"

In regards to my title I have been plotting... I have been seriously thinking and racking my brain. Where do I want to be in 5 years? On a few acres of land breeding maybe two sets of dogs, chasing my daughter in the yard, celebrating my husbands second degree, and possibly selling the things I've been making for obnoxious prices. I haven't quite decided the proximity to my family yet. Its a yo-yo decision that i have such a hard time with.

Georgia is beautiful, Colorado is beautiful, and Ohio.... has my family.

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