Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiration, as of late...

Ive been doing a lot of this and a lot of that... mostly things to fill my etsy store. i havent been doing alot of inspired art work.

I have been researching and mapping out a few ideas. Whne i get stuck on a subject I have to learn it, paint it and make it before it leaves my system. It seems like the only efficient way to take advantage of the way my mind works.

Lately it has been anatomy, more specifically (as of late) the brain and chemical compounds consistant with the brain. 


I love the shape of brain cells and the geekery of atomic structure. 

Plus I have been trying desperately to more abstract and emotive art, which is tough. I learned how to photocopy essentially and I am damn good at representing exactly whats there. It what isnt there that I need to work on. 
I've accepted myself as an artist. Now i feel i must develop my art, my style and my technique. Ive ordered A "Sketch a day" visual journal to aid this matter. Not that I couldnt just do this in a sketchbook but there seems to be something to this idea. Somthing to draw from and see my progress, to share my progress. 
And I want it. 

I plan on doing a series of brain chemistry related paintings. 
Maybe the brain of a psyhcopath. 

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