Monday, April 9, 2012


I recently hit my 5% weight-loss goal. I have decided to make my goal weight 140 pounds. It sounds reasonable based on my frame. 

When I hit my goal I bought a pair on ridiculous shoes. They are about 5 inch heels that make me as tall as my husband. 

I probably wont celebrate in a monetary fashion every time I lose another 5%, although that would be a sure way to keep my weight-loss rolling along. I decided I do need an ultimate goal to achieve.

In the past the goal of just weight loss wasn't enough. I havent known a thin body since the 8th grade, so I could talk myself out of diet, exercise, or restraint.  
so I need a different type of goal to accompany the goal of a better me. 

Of course it had to be an animal. a weird animal at that. A Sphynx. The more I read about these ugly little guys the more I desperately want one. Just look at it. It screams "Love me. Its not my fault I dont have any hair. Pwease"

Not to mention I would love to own a cat that would most likely scare people when they came into my house. Who wants a cat that looks like a demon? ME!

How can you not love that face? 

So when i hit 140 pounds I can buy a ridiculous cat. So based on safe weight loss it wont be until next year. Thats ok. It is one more to work for. 

So in order to stay on track I sent all of the Easter candy To work with my husband. Candy is my kryptonite.  

71 pounds to go.

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