Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend: Wonderful

This weekend was AWESOME.

On Friday Hubs surprised me with club level seats right behind 1st base at a local Mudhens game.It was cold but so worth it. Great seats, and a bit terrifying.  Love these little spontaneous dates he organizes.

Saturday We visited my mom. WE walked around Oak Park, bought some fun little plants and the visited my uncle gary's garden. A garden which contains 527 different species of hostas. Just different hostas. His garden is beautiful and a bit ridiculous. Mostly awesome.

Sunday my sister, Mom, Niece, and I all took a pilgrimage up to Ikea. Its becoming an obsession this store. This store is like a  home goods Mecca.

I've officially lost 40lbs.

Best of all I finally confirmed a visit to Florida. I have to fly solo because hubs can't get time off work. I've flown before, roughly 6-7 times. Never flown alone. Annnnd I'm afraid of heights.

Bring it on.

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