Friday, April 20, 2012

Dye hard.

In my life time I have dyed my hair just about every color , except green. I can't bring myself to do green, i associate green with bad smells.

I have never had my hair professionally dyed.

Through all the colors, mistakes, and accidental awesomeness i have learned a few things.

The color in the bottle does not necessarily resemble the color it will be on your hair.
     My mom and I recited this mantra the first few times we dyed our hair. I wanted red hair and the bottle very Clearly  looked purple. It all worked out in the end. I have not seen my natural hair color since that day, I was 13.

Fashion colors will stain EVERYTHING
     and I mean everything. The richer the color the more that its going to come off in the shower, on the towel, on your pillow case and your hands. Relatively anything your head touches has the chance to be stained.

Rubbing Alcohol and Vaseline are your friends
        When adding color to your hair vaseline is a proactive way to prevent skin staining. If you're like me and are way to excited to dye your hair to wait and slather vaseline on your forehead and ears rubbing alcohol will remove most staining... if you do it in a reasonable amount of time.

BLeach + Red hair = orange hair.
         I've done this on more than one occasion. I call it fire hair. The roots bleach just fine and then fade into and orangey-yellow color where the red used to be. A few times i did it on purpose. Bleaching it again will not work. If you want blonde you will need to tone your hair with a blue/purple toner to remove the copper tone. It will damage your hair.

Coloring your hair by yourself is not usually a good idea.
     Ive been dying my hair for more than ten years, with all different brands professional and store brand alike, and I still miss spots on occasion. I usually wait until I have a buddy to let me know whether or not I look like a cheetah.

Heat can be your best friends
     Plastic caps and heat can deepen the color or intensify the bleach you are using. Ive been known to use a grocery bag under a wrapped up to towel to hold the moisture and my body heat in. Blow dryers through a cap/towel combo has given me awesome results with pinks, blues, and toning. Dont be stupid and suffocate.

Back from black is hard...
    At least its hard on your hair. it takes several bleachings which tend to be uneven if you want to return to a lighter color.

If you over do it IT WILL FALL OUT
   Read up on frequency and tips and trick from REAL stylists(not me) to determine what  is appropriate and safe. I have had my hair so damaged it  wouldnt take color and would snap in half if you touched it. Dont let it get that far.

Do Some research
    Happy accidents are fun, and it will always grow back but do some research first. With google there is really no excuse for not having a clue.

Try something new if it doesnt work out its not the end of the world. 

BTW I am an amateur not a professional, double check everything with someone who knows what they are doing.

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