Wednesday, May 9, 2012

24 things about me...

this my 300th post and my 24th year had had some major significance in my life so far...

So 24 things about me...

24. I am completely addicted to modcloth, shopruche, and shabby apple clothes, especially now that I am losing weight.

23. I often wear the same shirt, pants, or outfit a few times a week because I like how it makes me look and feel.

22. I rarely feel sexy unless I'm showing some cleavage.

12. I am dyslexic

20. I believe in spiritual healing and magic.

19. I also love science.

18. I can feel and push energy around in the universe.

17. Being a mom is the scariest thing I have ever done.

16. I am terrified of heights.

15. I will vehemently hold a grudge until I get an apology, the truth, or closure.

14. I enjoy rebellious submission but only when its appropriate and only with someone who knows how to play the game correctly.

13. I don't make friends easily because I have alot of experience with worthless ones.

12. We are planning on moving to Florida next Feb/march

11. I curse too much.

10. My main goal as a parent is to make my daughter feel comfortable in her own skin

9. I miss working but I don't miss people.

8. I will try anything once, just to get the experience.

7. I have little to nothing in common with my siblings but I still love them dearly.

6. If I won the lottery Id give at least half of it away to friends, family, and a random stranger.

5. I will forgive anything if the offender is truly sorry.

4. I drink way to much caffeine.

3. I hate all of my art work for the first 6 months of  its existence.

2.I feel incredibly guilty about going to Tampa alone even though it was my husbands Idea.

1. I am and always have been a caretaker of souls.


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