Saturday, May 5, 2012


So I've been going back and forth to the doctors lately to figure out what's wrong with my hips and back. Every doctor looks at me like I'm crazy, does an X-ray and finds nothing.

This time they found something. I've been walking around with few fractured vertebrae. That's not the cause of my ten year affliction but it is something.

Nothing makes you feel more like a badass than treating a fractured spine like a bruise. My tolerance for pain is awesome.

Annnd I have every right to fall on the floor and yell "My spine!"

Related news: I hate MRIs. I experienced my first MRI yesterday. Sitting still physically hurts my hips and back so that didn't help. I now understand what it would be like to be buried alive, underneath a night club. Ugh.

Unrelated news; I booked my flight to Tampa. My friend from LA is coming in the same weekend. I see a big bottle of 1800 in our future. I am so damn excited.

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