Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Tomorrow I get cortisone injections in my back and hips. Something different for my pain. Finally.
The doctor predicts it will take away my pain for 6 months to a year and I can work on muscle building.

I am simultaneously excited and terrified.

Google has got to be the worst thing when you are nervous about a medical procedure. All of the over-dramatic over embellished horror stories posted on forums are the devil. A friend of mine has them once  a year  in the same spots i will have them done. There is a good chance it will increase my pain for 24-48 hours before it takes it all away.

So today I've spent the day deep cleaning the house and sanitizing toys. I've over cleaned everything so I dont have to do anything for a few days. Steam cleaned the entire kitchen and bathroom top to bottom. I mean hand and knees steaming the floors and scrubbing.

I've lined up sets of kitschy movies to watch and a few volumes of my favorite manga, Dogs: Bullets and Carnage. My only job is to take care of my wonderful little girl

'till next time loves. 

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