Friday, May 11, 2012

I love my life...

but it can be exhausting.

So next week I fast. I have been doing The Master Cleanse a few times in the past year. Especially after I find myself having to eat more processed foods than I like. I try to buy organic, eat organic, and feed my family healthy whole foods. Every now and then we get busy and eat more fast food  and junk food than normal. It takes quite a toll on me physically and spiritually.

So I cleanse and while I cleanse I meditate. I clear my body of unwanted toxins and free my mind to explore the things I have come to know in the past year. It is so very freeing.

It takes a lot of dedication to complete a 7-10 cleanse. It is rather rewarding in the end. A clear mind, in creased energy and an overall sense of well being and accomplishment. I don't do it for weight-loss purposes even though it does help. I do it to reset my  body and soul when I fall off track. After the reset I resume healthy eating and what exercises I can preform to jump back on my weight-loss track.

I'll be blogging about my cleanse from day one, How I feel. What I've come to realize. My spiritual realizations, and probably how crazy i may feel at certain points of the day. 

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