Friday, May 4, 2012

Florida Bound


I just booked my flight to Tampa. I am so excited, its just a weekend trip but it been nearly 8 months since I've seen my best friends. Im sad my husband can't come... but soon enough we will take our own vacation.

I am going to get a baby free weekend. No diapers, no cryingl, no spit up. It's going to be hard to leave her but I NEED a vacation.

I wish I could thoroughly explain why a SAHM to one desperately needs a vacation. Its mostly because we have had alot of crap happen in the past few years. Its because my husband is epileptic, my fraternal in-laws are awful people, and my friends are scattered throughout the country.

 My husband is following his dream he is in the medical field and continuing his education. And to thank me for all of my support and help he is giving me a real weekend off. I love that man.

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