Thursday, March 3, 2011


First of all I'm exhausted. Not the topic, but important none the less.

I feel connected. Grounded. OK I have been feeling this way  for a while now but I really enjoy saying it, or typing it. Either way it feels good. When I am grounded my workings work. When I am connected it becomes much easier for me to feel emanating energy. That odd ancestral muscle memory starts to make sense, but it still doesn't give me a straight forward heads up.

Your body is washed in the energy around you, so what energy do you put out? We create our own reality. I whole heartedly believe what you put out you get back. I also believe it is entirely possible to surround another person with your energy... good or bad.  I think a lot of times it happens unintentionally. When we harbor such love or even contempt for a person that the thoughts engulf our minds, energy is released. Whether it is intended or not. I'm sure we have all felt it in one way or another. Maybe not... maybe I am crazy.

I don't see Auras. I think it would be easier if I did, but I can definitely feel people.  I have always been able to, but I feel I have gotten much better at it. I know with auras there are colors... and from my understanding the color and the intensity of the color is an indicator of personality among other things. I know that reading auras isn't easy and I love hearing from people who can.  For me feeling energy can get clouded by outside factors. I find a lot of people who have energy on the borderline between positive and negative are incredibly charming. I have been fooled in the past. Energy shifts back and forth, I had an issue where i only recognized the positive and couldn't weigh it against the negative. I liked to believe we are are essentially good, I still do.

I have never done anything solely to hurt someone. Have I done stupid things that have hurt people? Of course. I am human after all. It seems our kind learns best from mistakes. Let me tell you I believe in Karma because it is instant when I do something stupid. I wouldn't have it any other way. It keeps me honest. It helps me balance back out as well. I wish it worked that way for everyone.

Yoga has really helped me connect with my body and It is supposed to help connect with your baby later on. Meditating helps me connect with everything else.

Rob is trying to get me to go back to Church with him. Though i know it wont be like the previous hateful place in delta, but I am still wary. I have been there before... It wasn't bad. Very different.

We will see.


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