Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A lot of talk...

  I have talked a lot about moving. A whole lot. But as it happens that all it ended up being, was talk, for one reason or another. It always happens we start saving and then something pops in the way. Rob and I had intended to go to Savannah between my birthday and valentines day. Then came two blue lines... and let me tell you those two lines popped up pretty fast.
  I am very excited to be pregnant. A new adventure... but now that the initial excitement has worn down I get back into needing a change of scenery. I am the type of person that needs change. I constantly re arrange my furniture, re paint, or just get up and go.  Ok so the get up and go is a bit difficult with the nausea, but you get the idea.
  Of course Robs plan is to get it done as soon as possible. I think he is hoping to see me in a constant summer euphoria. But if we did that we would have to move to Atlanta so rob could finish school. I dont want to live in Atlanta. I want to live in southern Georgia. Not to mention we would have to pull it off before the baby is born. That all sounds terrible. It was a nice thought though.
  My counter offer being to wait. Wait one year. Our 5th anniversary to be specific. WE would have plenty of time to save up and plenty of time to evaluate the idea. Right now having a child without having my mother close sounds terrifying. Not to mention not knowing or trusting anyone to babysit when the need arises.
On our 5th anniversary the baby will be around 5 months old. Old enough for me to know if I feel that it would be a good decision or at least doable. Either way we will put the money away for a move and a house and on our next anniversary we will make the decision, weigh the options etc. If we stay then we will have a sizable  home improvement fund.
 Honestly we would try for a foreclosed home.  Something we could pay off in one shot, so if we decided we just can't stay away from home we can head back here. Simple as that. It wouldn't kill us to have a house on the market down there. Not to mention it wold be easy enough to come back home if we needed to. Well not easy, but not a financial burden.
  A year from tomorrow.


  1. I didn't know that you were planning on going to Georgia (I mean, I knew that you wanted to) but I didn't realize that you guys were starting to make plans.
    I was going to say something else, but it left me... I'm sorry :(

  2. We are saving up money to do one thing or another... It all depends on how things go. It always happens that something comes up... So we will see.