Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slimy yet satisfying...

  I'm tired but not downtrodden... which is a nice feeling. Im not sure if the tiredness is due to the pregnancy or because rob and I have been running all over. 
  We are looking for a fixer-upper. Not a terrible mess, but something that can be molded easily into something that fits us. Livable but fixable. Surprisingly there are quite a few in our price range and skill range.  So we have been bouncing around everywhere from wauseon to grand rapids looking at real estate. Wauseon is a bit farther than we really want to go, but if we find one thats perfect then we will make it work. 
  Of course we both decided that if we dont find anything that strikes us then we will wait. Of course we stay  here or rent something much closer to my family. Nothing is set in stone. I have also agreed that if we find a perfect home around here... we will jump on it. Simple as that. 
  I'm getting antsy to remodel. As I walk through these homes i point out things that the Realtor barely realized. I truly love working on houses. Framing, plumbing, etc... Ive learned alot because I've gotten in over my head. Of course at that point i had a seizure ridden husband in the worst point of his condition. No regrets. 
   I'm all for a familiar change of scenery no matter what... I miss my family.
   WE have all the pieces just need a place for it all to fall together. 

Speaking of pieces falling into place... I am 15 weeks pregnant. Hooray! Its nice to not worry about having another miscarriage. Of course I could worry about a plethora of other things but ill pass. 
  5 weeks till we can figure out the gender. Knowing our genes the baby will probably be difficult and i wont be able to know. I am just so painfully excited. Rob is entirely cute about the situation... he would let me do anything i wanted just because I am having a baby. I couldnt imagine having an unsupportive husband. I could do pregnant and single before i could handle an unsupportive partner. 

I should find soemthing productive to do... 

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